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Life's better on the ranch





Battle Mountain Ranch (BMR) products are Veteran made with all natural ingredients. Beeswax is the base for our balms. We try to consider why and how people will use the products we produce, and add ingredients based on that thought. Hand balms need to soften and moisturize. Lip balms need to heal and protect. Beard balms need to shape, scent, and cure flaky skin issues that can occur with epic beards. Coconut oil and shea butter along with various essential oils with a hint of liberal tears make up the rest of our ingredients. So you can even eat this $h!t in a pinch (unless of course you are allergic to bee products. In that case DON’T eat it!) Probably better for you than a tide pod though.

We harvest the liberal tears from our own family members on the left coast when they cry about us “winning” all the time. 


Beard Balm

Our beard balms not only help you to shape your beard for a neat appearance, they also moisten and heal your skin underneath with all natural ingredients. Use a dime sized dap and rub it on the skin under your beard as well as on the beard itself for its healing and softening properties.


lip balm

Our lip balms will sooth and moisten chapped lips. With a hint of tingling menthol so pucker up.


Hand balm

Our hand balm is a deep moisturizer in the form of a hardened puck. Rub it between your hands to warm it up and release the oils, and you will feel the soothing effects.


About The Ranch

We have traveled the world and moved around the states for almost 30 years for the needs of the military and federal service. After Jax spent three years in New York City renting a tiny studio apartment we started looking for 100 acres in the woods.

We wanted to be north and west of Denver. It is awesome up there minus the dirty hippies, lazy homeless youths, and some dope smoking tree huggers.

It has a small fruit orchard, and we wanted our own pollinators so we started keeping bees while still in Virginia. After several of our Knuckle Dragging bearded badass friends bought some cheap oily beard products that soiled the collars of their shirts and collected dust onto their beards I started making balms out of bees wax. People liked the balms, so we tried our hand at other products like the hand moisturizers. We look forward to eventually adding chemical free all natural deodorants as well as other products. 




About Us

Battle Mountain Ranch is a veteran owned business that makes all natural products that work.

Jax was Air force AWACS and Sackett (callsign) was in the 75th Ranger Regt back in the 90's.

Our followers are likely veterans, patriots, and hard working Americans who appreciate the opportunities this country provides to hard workers. This is why we feel the need to give back to the men and women of the armed services.

We are involved in the veterans community so a portion of the proceeds are donated to veteran charities. We hope you enjoy the products, the humor, and the realism we try to add while offending as many snowflakes as possible. Sorry, no kittens, coloring books, or safe spaces sold here.


Drop Us a Line

Drop us a line and we will get back to you ASAP. We look forward to your feedback, but probably won’t change anything because of it. So leave us a catchy phrase or a patriotic quote so at least your comments will be useful. Just kidding (kinda).


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